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Good Morning

As I was “Cleaning up my blog today” I realized that I never posted this piece which I wrote on Halloween right after I arrived in Abu Dhabi:

Today, I’ve managed to wake up at a normal time (8:15 local), so hopefully I’ll fully adapt to the new time difference. It is a little bit of an adjustment to be up right now however and see so many people online, but know that they are all sleeping.

Interesting things that I have discovered:
– There is an arrow in my desk drawer that points to Mecca
– There is a Toys R Us in the “Free Zone Stores” my map of the City


As for today, I did go to the mall and really enjoyed the Banana Republic (even though they really dont have anything!) and the fact that there is a BOOTS! pharmacy/drug store. I am super excited.

Additionally, I realize that I have discovered other things that I am anxious to share with you all

– If you turn on the cold water during the middle of the day, it will be hot. If you turn on the hot water, it will be boiling.
– Driving and Parking will forever be a weird phenomenon here.
– I am addicted to my blackberry, which I realize is a way to work all the time.
– I miss good red wine with a meal.
– Driving in a car with the AC and recirc on is not nearly as nice as with the windows down.


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