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Country Music and all it’s glory…

For those of you that don’t know, I LOVE country music. Now, living in Chicago (in or about or near…however you choose to define my current abode) makes it a little difficult to get a decent fill of that good ol’ country music, since there is only one country station. Nevertheless, I try and get my fill by substituting radio stations for the fact that I can still view CMT. CMT, home to classics like: DCC (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 4) and the top 20 countdown.

The top 20 countdown is really my saving grace when it comes to filling me in on the newest hits. Which brings me to my point…I am LOVING Darius Rucker. Now I will be the very first to admit that I HATED/HATE Hootie and the Blowfish. There was just something about the sound that I was not vibing on. But when it comes to Darius (yes, we are in fact on a first name basis), I can’t get enough. So much so that I bought the album on iTunes…didn’t even illegally download it. Now that’s saying something…


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Happiness is…

On my way back from Jordan, I was struggling to find contentment in my then home of the UAE. In the hopes of realizing things that made me happy, and would thereby give me perspective on my life, I started a list. Re-finding that list, I realize that I wrote 8 pages of things that made me happy in life and that I’d like to share some of those now. (And chances are high that I will return to this list throughout the blog when I feel that nothing else is worthy of sharing :-D).

An Entry Stamp in My Passport
Nothing quite says “Welcome Home” like landing on US soil and getting that stamp recognizing the re-entry. Regardless of whether the Homeland Security/Immigration official is less than friendly (or should we say welcoming), nothing makes you feel like you’ve come home more than seeing that concrete evidence that you made it back. Especially so when the places you’ve travel make you appreciate where you come from so much more.

Warm Towels
There’s nothing like pulling towels straight from the dryer (especially when they are so hot they almost burn) and wrapping yourself in them. The terry loops are always clean and standing straight up as opposed to a used towel. It’s like they are inviting you to cuddle in the softness and warmth. It always ends up warming me to the bone.

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So this past weekend, I was able to enjoy some relaxation time in Kohler, WI.

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The New York Times…

For those of you that don’t know, I LOVE the New York Times. The online edition is great because since I spend all day in front of a computer, it’s easy for me to catch up on the latest (and sometimes random news) when I have a lull at work.

But more importantly I love the travel section. One of my favorite parts of the travel section is the “36 hours in __” columns. It give you some quick new ideas on things to do in a place that you don’t know much about or a place that is right in your backyard. (It also helps me come up with new places to visit.)

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Welcome Back

Yes…I know I said that I would be updating my blog more often. Clearly I failed at that attempt. I’ve been back in the US for a little over 3 months and started work again at the beginning of June for the same company…

But on to the new point of this blog. As I mentioned in one of the much earlier postings, my goal in the UAE was to become a better cook. And while that did happen, it is still an evolving goal. So my thought was that this blog become devoted to all things that I enjoy talking about/thinking about, aka food, travel, life, and random thoughts.

Welcome to the newly renamed Inconsequential Musings.

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Child Safety Seats & more thoughts on driving in the UAE

My 6 months in the UAE have brought me great appreciation for US driving. Yes, there may be bad traffic & tailgating, but it’s all within reason. In the UAE, we say that there are 2 levels of accidents: super minor & fatal. I wish I could say that we meant it entirely as a joke, but it seems that accidents are a minor fender bender or someone was killed on impact. It’s horrible. Most of the time I’m convinced that if you get into a car accident in the UAE, the chance of an ambulance making it to you in time is so small. And all of this leads to my point…

That people drive like crazies in the UAE. The reason that an ambulance might not make it to the scene of a crash in time is because other motorists are driving on the shoulder (where the government has actually placed speed bumps…another worthy discussion) so that they can get to their own pressing engagements.

Now given all of this knowledge, wouldn’t you expect the parents and caregivers of children here to calculate that into their daily lives and invest in child safety seats? I suppose real problem with my question is that I used the phrase “wouldn’t you expect”. Anytime I use that phrase here, I am forced to remind myself that nothing is what you expect in the UAE. Back to the point at hand…

People do not invest in child safety seats because they are still investigating whether child seats are effective in preventing injury to children in accidents. All the while, parents allow their children to ride in the car unrestrained and essentially hopping all around the car. That is, if the children are sitting their parents laps as they pull a Britney! It’s really astonishing…

According to “Propaganda Weekly” (or one of the weekly newpapers here), doctors are starting to give away child seats to parents with newborns…

I guess that’s something…

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why I love iTunes

So despite being halfway around the world (although soon to be only a 9 hour time difference with CST), I am trying to stay connected with what is going on in the world, as well as music and shows, etc. This is why I love iTunes. I have been able to keep up with Season 5 of the office (yes Erin, I still love it and find it hysterical. Tell Joey for me!). But I have also started watching Mad Men, Lost, the Tudors (granted not all on iTunes, some on just regular DVDs). And I love some of the podcasts (when I can download them, which isn’t often since the internet in my apt is so slow).

But in case anyone is curious about what I am listening to:
A Hundred Million Suns Album by Snow Patrol (Lizzie – you’d LOVE it)
808s & Heartbreak by Kayne
Year of the Gentleman by Ne-Yo
Plus trying to keep up with all the new “popular” songs…

Although side note: It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was in Mexico watching Pam rock out to “Get Low”…Happy Green Beer Day everyone

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