Why I Love Anthro

So while normally Anthropologie is not food related, last week it was! As an Anthro Card Holder, I was invited to a 1 year anniversary celebration for the State St store in Chicago. Free drinks, a delicious spread, and several girlfriends? Yes, please! We had such a great time and I found so many lovely spring items!! Look at some of my favorites

(Clockwise from top left: Cissus Button-Up $88.00; Panther’s Play Dress $348.00; Reaching for Light Espadrilles $188.00; Sunny Soiree Dress $148.00; Unedited Vest $78.00; Seafire Ring $38.00)


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2 responses to “Why I Love Anthro

  1. Cute! I especially love the button-up and the ring. When the State Street store first opened I worked a block away. I’ve since changed jobs, which is probably for the best since I’m not as close!

  2. I work around the corner from it…problems. Sometimes I’ll just bop in at lunch. But they always have such great stuff.

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