Happiness is…

On my way back from Jordan, I was struggling to find contentment in my then home of the UAE. In the hopes of realizing things that made me happy, and would thereby give me perspective on my life, I started a list. Re-finding that list, I realize that I wrote 8 pages of things that made me happy in life and that I’d like to share some of those now. (And chances are high that I will return to this list throughout the blog when I feel that nothing else is worthy of sharing :-D).

An Entry Stamp in My Passport
Nothing quite says “Welcome Home” like landing on US soil and getting that stamp recognizing the re-entry. Regardless of whether the Homeland Security/Immigration official is less than friendly (or should we say welcoming), nothing makes you feel like you’ve come home more than seeing that concrete evidence that you made it back. Especially so when the places you’ve travel make you appreciate where you come from so much more.

Warm Towels
There’s nothing like pulling towels straight from the dryer (especially when they are so hot they almost burn) and wrapping yourself in them. The terry loops are always clean and standing straight up as opposed to a used towel. It’s like they are inviting you to cuddle in the softness and warmth. It always ends up warming me to the bone.

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