St Patty’s Celebration

So as we all know, St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty popular day in the US, with a lot of drunken debauchery and out-of-control behavior. In Abu Dhabi (since it’s a Muslim country and you can’t easily drink here…), it’s a little bit different.

Since St Pattys fell during the middle of the week here, we weren’t really going to do much to celebrate, but I ended up going out with 2 guys from work and one of their girl friends from home who was visiting. We went to an Irish bar in the Royal Meridian Hotel that had clearly been open since 2pm (because their were clearly people who had been sitting at the bar since 2, and we arrived around 830). It made for some enjoyable people watching, especially when the ridiculously drunk older women next to us started singing along with the band. Tone deaf and very drunk…also sporting some tall Guiness hats which had clearly been passed out earlier as part of a promotion. As always there were very few Americans, but lots of British and Irish. We mostly just enjoyed the unbelievablely horrible service (and I mean one waitress for the patio that held about 80), and attempted to drink away the fact that we were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a hotel bar in a city on a Desert Island in a Muslim country. It made for an interesting evening, especially watching the drunk patrons dance to the music of the semi-decent band. Drunk Irishmen have some interesting dance moves…


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  1. Carley Vogel

    haha awww, well we missed u during our st.patrick’s day celebrations! At least u were entertained! Miss u.

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