…It’s been a while…

I realize that it’s been over 2 months since my last post, but I haven’t really felt like I’ve had that much to say. However, since it is now March and I have been living here for over 4 months, I though I’d give you an update…

Abu Dhabi has not been immune to the economic crisis, despite what most papers published here will say. At the beginning of January, we had layoffs. Obviously, since I have not come back to the States, I managed to keep my job :). There has also been some slowdown in the construction industry here, but since we have a smaller team I am staying just as busy and have had loads of client interaction. So to sum up: Job is busy, but good.

Now on to better things, like my current situation out here. I live in my apartment still alone, and I am the only expat woman left on our team. But I sort of have internet in my apartment now, which is making things a little bit better. It’s very slow and won’t work on my Mac, but I can check my email and chat.

After the layoffs (at the beginning of January), I was lucky enough to have a visitor for a week. Benji came to see me and we went to Dubai. It was great to see him and take a little vacation from work. At the end of the week, we both returned back to the States. I was in town for about a week and managed to see several of you.

Since then, the month of February flew by. I am convinced that the work week makes that possible. As we work Sunday-Thursday, Sunday never really feels like a real work day, so by the time Thursday rolls around, it’s hard to believe the week is over.

At the end of March, I’ll be traveling to Florence to visit Lizzie! I am so excited, not only because I haven’t seen her since October, but also because I love Florence and am eager to see the city again. Not to mention that by that point, Lizzie should know all the great places (hint, hint).

Beyond that, I don’t have too much more to say. But now because I have internet, I will make a much stronger effort to post more regularly with the happenings on the other side of the world.

I miss you all!
The month of February seemed to fly


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