Because in case you didn’t know…I love food

So many of you have asked me about the food situation here. Like any place, there’s good food and bad food. The food in the hotel isn’t awesome, but it isn’t horrible. There is fresh fruit and vegetables which is always nice (especially vegetables and hommus…yum).

In the hope that we are moving into the apartments soon, I have downloaded several podcasts on food. I’m determined to return to the states with at least some ability to pull together a meal (despite the fact that some of you will never let go of some of my cooking hiccups: the pasta, the sausages, the mashed potatoes from last year’s LRub thanksgiving). I will come home with the ability to put together a meal…

Despite the fact that I still barely can put together and am living in a hotel, I don’t want anyone to think that I am going hungry! I have had a lot of arabic food, some indian, japanese (my favorite), and some weird fusion styles. But Abu Dhabi is not without some “great” american chains. Now, knowing that I will miss some, should you come visit me, you will get a taste of home with the following restaurant choices:
Sbarro’s Pizza
KFC (its gross here too)
-Burger King (apparently it’s exactly the same, but I dont eat there so I wouldn’t know)
-McDonald’s (they have Coke here too Mom)
Baskin Robbins (I was surprised too!)
Dunkin Donuts
Krispy Kreme
Bice (yeah, that restaurant that used to be in Northfield, maybe? It’s in the Hilton here )
-Papa John’s (In the Oman airport, not technically in Abu Dhabi)
-Pizza Hut
and of course Starbucks

Now with all these options, it’s impossible to see why everyone thinks Americans eat only Hamburgers washed down with a refreshing Coke product.

I do enjoy the taste of home, but the only place on the aforementioned list that I have actually been to is Starbucks. It’s exactly the same as anyone at home, except there was no Passion Tea Lemonade (it was very disappointing). But I know that it’s getting colder now and some of you love to get a coffee on the first snow and sit outside and enjoy the coming of winter (read: Megan Fletcher). I’m sure at this point you are thinking to yourself, “well Annie, Starbucks can’t exactly the same there because it’s almost Christmas and you are living in an Islamic state”. Well, you would be wrong! All of the starbucks have the red Christmas menu lists, complete with beverage offerings like “Toffee Nut Latte”, etc. They even have the fabulous red cups 🙂 and Christmas Blend coffee. The only thing missing is the faux snow from a can. So while I won’t be able to enjoy the falling snow while sipping my coffee beverage (most likely a cappuccino because they are so yummy), I’ll sit on a bench anyway at the Corniche looking at the Persian Gulf and thinking about all of you.


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2 responses to “Because in case you didn’t know…I love food

  1. Allison

    Annie! I just found your blog via Leslie’s facebook wall and I had to check it out! I’ve been reading up on your life in AD – sounds like an amazing experience…In case you get a little homesick and need some Kappa love while in the UAE – there’s a FABULOUS Delta Lambda living and working in Dubai (she was the pledge class above me – so you guys missed each other by 1 year!)Anyways – if you want her info, let me know. Otherwise, I’m going to definitely keep up with your life via the blog!!xoxo, allison (jones) :o)

  2. Carley Vogel

    there are a lot of Starbucks over here too, and the one I went to did actually have the passion fruit iced tea which is my favorite! I was surprised about how many American chains are over here but I don’t really eat them. Miss u!! Loveeee reading your blog! 🙂 xxCarley

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