Your questions, Answered. Installment #2

Becca asked: Is any of [Al Raha Beach] finished now? Or are they still building it? Is the goal 2030?
– Development is still in process. Some small aspects (mini projects, or foilos) are completed. The Al Raha Mall is completed (they LOVE malls over here), and the ALDAR HQ should be finished early next year. The entire development will take about 10 years to complete, so by 2017-2020.

Avery asked: Do you miss me yet?
– Yes I miss you all immensely!

Do most people wear western style clothes or is it mostly traditional clothing?
– There is a WIDE variety of clothing over here. There are full burkahs and dishdahs, in addition to jeans and t-shirts. The traditional clothing is usually worn by nationals.

Also what are the streets like? i invision like a new york complete with hot dog stands and stuff but i’m assuming it’s more traditional middle eastern food.
– There are no food stands on corners, but everything is really dirty here. Plus the sidewalk is completely uneven. There are holes, or dips, or steps in the middle of the walk ways.

Basically i want to know about the food situation over there. also what is the weridest type of food they have over there.
– There is pretty much every kind of food over here. The quality always varies. There is PHENOMENAL juice however. I am loving that of course. I have not experienced “a weirdest type of food” yet, but when I do. I’ll let you know.

Bobbie asked: Are the people you see in the hotel or city friendly?
– No one is unfriendly, but no one is overly friendly. I would say that it’s very comparable to Chicago.

Can men order drinks in restaurants?
– Anyone can order a drink in a restaurant assuming that you are in a hotel. Most restaurants outside of hotels don’t even sure any sort of alcohol. Additionally, there are notations on the menu of items that contain alcohol. (Like beer-battered fish or a pasta in a white wine sauce).


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2 responses to “Your questions, Answered. Installment #2

  1. Avery

    okay so this is a very random question but i wanted to ask it….how prevalent are women in the job world there? i was thinking about gender roles and that got me to thinking how they would impact daily life. for example female doctors. There is a pretty strong conservative vibe in that neck of the woods. i was wondering if it is typical to see females go to female doctors or if the idea of “men” and “women” coherting together is acceptable in the medical field. i just don’t know how a conservative would feel if his daughter, wife, ect went to a male gyno for example.

  2. Avery

    so i’m a HUGE stalker but i’m loving living vicarously through you. I WATCHED ALADDIN on abc family channel tonight while i ate my delicious dinner of ravioli and pesto…yum. anywho i know that it takes place in a setting like Morocco but i felt very close to you. Anywho i was curious as to what the police wear down there. I am assuming that they don’t wear the attire depicted in the film but one can hope i guess. also to clarify my other question; is it typical for men and women to be seen by the same doctor or are there special doctors for each. how vast are the gender roles. i feel like we have a feeling that this society is completely ass backwards in terms of what we are used to but i have a feeling that this is not so. there are probably people who take “traditional” conservative approach as there are people here who are completly devoted to the church. very interesting….love and miss you

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