Your questions, Answered :)

So a lot of you have asked me questions this week that I want to make sure get answered. (And maybe I’ll try and do this once a week…we will see)

Becca asked: Do you have a roomie in your hotel room?
– No, I do not. My room is to myself with a gigantic king-sized bed. When I move into an apartment (which will be who knows when), I will have at least one roomie (another woman from work) but I will have my own room and bathroom.

Avery asked: Is cosmo banned?
– Avery, I am not sure on this question. To my knowledge no, but I haven’t really looked for magazines. I will keep you posted

Christine said: You only work 4 days a week.
– No, I work 5. But essentially, I work 7 days a week, every hour that I am awake. I live, work, eat, hangout, etc. with people from work, so we talk about work A LOT.

Christine also asked: How’s the weather?
– The weather is getting really gorgeous. It’s about 73 in the mornings, but it gets into the high 90s in the afternoon. But it’s really nice when the breeze blows

How are you going to survive without your fall attire?
– I have not come to terms with the magnitude of that conundrum yet.

What IS the tax on alcohol and do you need me to send you some wine via the post man?
– Thank you for the offer. I will let you know if I need that :). And I have not tried to buy alcohol in the city yet, only at duty free in the airport. I will keep you posted on that

When do you come home next?
– I am not sure yet. At the earliest, May.

How is the actual job?
– As I said earlier, very very busy. But I enjoy the work a lot.

What is the exchange rate?
– The durham is pegged to the dollar. It’s about $27 for every 100 durham

Poppy asked: What is Halloween like over there?
– Since most of the country is ex-pats, there were several halloween parties, but it is not big at all here. I did see one Halloween display in a window however.

Mrs. H asked: Was it strange to be so far away [for the election] and what do people say [about it] there?
– It was weird to be far away because we were watching the polling numbers come in while we were launching all the new projects on the same day. I wish I could have been in Chicago for all the energy. But everyone is enthralled with what was and is going on. I am saving several of the newspapers I get every morning for the articles about the election because the stories in the paper are different than we would see in the US.

That’s all for now. If you have more questions, please ask!


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3 responses to “Your questions, Answered :)

  1. Avery

    do you miss me yet? also clothing question…this may come out badly but i don’t mean for it. do most people wear western style clothes or is it mostly traditional clothing? i know they are a country that is very involved in international affairs so i’m wondering if the “western” style of clothing has rubbed off on them. Also what are the streets like? i invision like a new york complete with hot dog stands and stuff but i’m assuming it’s more traditional middle eastern food. basically i want to know about the food situation over there. shit Elyse was right…i am food driven 😦 whatever….also what is the weridest type of food they have over there…if you find out

  2. Jennifer

    hey missy,Love the updates!! sounds like you are settling in nicely & clearly you have been busy. wow!you are not missing much here – the temperature has dropped- roughly 30 degrees. SWEET… we’ve broken out the ear muffs, gloves, and scarves, along with the teeth chattering & frozen noses/toes… please enjoy & take advantage of that nice warm weather for us!!Keep the updates coming… & any more photos? xoxo, Jenn

  3. Avery

    abu dahbi got a shout out on The Office….i almost fell off the treadmill….i miss you!

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