First Week of Work

Now let me preface this by saying, I’m sorry. I know that several of you have attempted to contact me this week and I am sorry for not really getting back to any of you. I promise that I will. Momentarily you will understand how busy this week has been. But I have loved hearing from you all and getting your questions (many of which I hope to address !)

I don’t want anyone to think that I have forgotten about my blog as I have not updated it in almost a week. Never you fear; I have not. I have been taking little notes all week about things I want to tell you all. And no worries, I will post 3 times today to make up for the time that I missed 🙂

To start at the beginning of the week: I started work on Sunday at the Al Raha Beach Development that is an ALDAR project. The project will be going on for about 10 years and is 11 kilometers long. It is dubbed as the “Ultimate Waterfront City”. It is really cool and these pictures do not do it justice in anyway, so I highly recommend going to the websites and looking as the video models.

The center of the development is called Al Dana and it is the iconic point of the development.

It contains the Gateway building where all cars will enter the heart of Al Raha. As well as the World Trade Center. 

And the Asmptote Building (on the Left) and the new ALDAR Headquarters (on the right)

Now as I said, NONE of these pictures do the development justice so I recommend checking it out.

I work on site at the far end of the development near what is called Al Zeina (Zane-a) in the Main Site Office. As I have never been on a construction site before, I really have no grounds for comparsion on the site. However, several of the people that I work with say that it is by far one of the nicest job sites ever.

This was a big week at work for us because we went “live” meaning that we brought a lot of the projects within the development on system. So we were working 12-14 hour days (at work, not including when I was up at 4:40 am to talk to people in the US), hence why I was a bit of a bad friend this week in not calling/talking/emailing/im-ing you.

Fortunately, we were able to celebrate last night with some toasting and champagne with the team.

So that’s a quick recap on work this week…

– a


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3 responses to “First Week of Work

  1. Avery

    OMG when can i move to this place/i’m going to have to find a sugar daddy cause i don’t think my nursing salary is going to cover it. I’m half asleep but i wanted to check it out….more to come tomorrow. I’ll let you know what my subconscious thinks. 🙂 miss you

  2. Lauren

    this is intense stuff annie!! i wish it wasnt so far away cuz i would love to see the city and traffic for myself. miss you!!

  3. Becca

    uh WOAHHHHH… just watched a little mini video on that site you attached to your post. This place is ridiculous! I love how they included kites, birds, and people in the video 🙂 So cute! But seriously, amazing… I feel like you’ll have to be a billionaire to hang out there. Is any of it finished now? Or are they still building it? Is the goal 2030? That’s a long time… we’ll be 45! ahhhhhh gross. Miss you! Say hi to the billionaires for me… oh and yeah, Avery a nursing salary def doesn’t cover that– sugar daddies are necessary 🙂 xo. Talk to you soon!

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