Happy Halloween :)

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous Halloween filled with lots of great costumes. Surprisingly (not really), Halloween is not any sort of holiday here. Instead, I started my weekend (yes, the weekend is Friday-Saturday, not Saturday-Sunday) with a free continental breakfast. It’s definitely something that I could get used to in the mornings :).

As for now, despite what anyone (myself included) would have suspected, I am completely unpacked. It’s shocking I know. And in a couple hours, a couple work people and I will do some touring of the city, perhaps to a mall. Since it is Friday (day 1 of the weekend), stores open late today. For example: the Abu Dhabi Mall doesn’t open until 3:30pm, but stays open until 11pm.

Happy Halloween everyone 🙂


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8 responses to “Happy Halloween :)

  1. Avery

    i miss you!!!! i can’t wait to hear more about A.D.

  2. Jane

    hi…i wish you were here with us but it is fun to talk to you on skipe

  3. Becca

    I’m so impressed that you unpacked! 🙂 Do you have a roomie in your hotel room? I’m looking forward to reading more… miss you, love you! xo

  4. Avery

    so what can i send you? are you missing anything? would you like some pictures? is cosmo banned? i can send candy and or treats of some other nature….i miss you and i love the fact we keep playing im tag.

  5. Rachel

    YOU HAVE UNPACKED????? I love reading your updates….I miss you like a mad woman misses sanity (?? not sure if that works). I am so happy things are going well! Keep us all updated! LOVE YOU!

  6. Christine

    I cannot believe you are so far away! I can only imagine how busy you are… but since you only work 4 days a week (jerk) can I get lots of pictures sometime. When I went to China this summer it was crazy to see so many crains and construction going on… and I cannot imagine the growth that is occuring where you are. I also am dying to know more about, well, everything! How’s the weather, how are you going to survive without your fall attire, what IS the tax on alcohol and do you need me to send you some wine via the post man? When do you come home next? How is the actual job? What is the exchange rate? you know… those types of things.Also: I’m proud that you are unpacked. I’m still not unpacked from Miami (let’s not talk abou that though, that is more a stage of denial) and lastly… I’ve decided to change the lyrics to one of our favorite songs. I’m gunna run to you is now:I’m gunna fly to you.(large bodies of water make it really difficult to run… also running in extrem heat just sounds like a bad idea)Love and Miss you!

  7. carol

    Hi Annie – Although we have not met, I know your mom and dad well (especially your mom!!!). Enjoy your great new adventure and I will love hearing all about it through your blog and from my Jenn! She was so thrilled to get to spend some time with you before you left – (of course, your mom and I could hardly wait for the two of you to meet!). Seems like yesterday the two of us were just causing mischief around Hamilton Hall with the other Kappas ! I miss my Jenn but know that she is in great hands with your mom so close by! XO CarolPS: I can’t whistle either!!

  8. carrie Casper

    hey ANNIE!! I switched my other world time on my phone, so that I know what time it is where you are..creepy!! I love you and I hope you are having a great time! we will have a new prez when you get back! Love you!!

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